Post Office computer glitch causes wrongly accused employees to go postal

The Post Office now admits that it was a virus in their computer system that caused shortfalls at several branches in the last few years, not light fingered workers.


In fact, the shortfalls didn’t even exist – and the wrongly accused post masters are FURIOUS, especially as a few of them lost their homes as a result, and a handful actually went to prison for their non-existent crimes.

Britain’s 11,500 sub postmasters balance their own books, and some were being notified by Post Office computers that thousands of pounds had gone missing.

Independent investigators Second Sight, who are employed by the Post Office to check the system – called Horizon – found several glitches dating from 2011 and 2012, showing a shortfall of £9000 at 76 branches.

Before they figured this out, innocent sub postmasters have been accused of false accounting, and some have had to pay back the shortfalls out of their own pockets.

The Post Office said they would make ‘further improvements in this area and take better account of individual requirements and circumstances going forward".

‘We’re all really, really angry.’ said Jo Hamilton, who used to run a post office in Hampshire.

The Post Office should beware - you really don't want to mess with an army of disgruntled Mrs Goggins' with access to parcel tape guns and highly adhesive labels.


  • Inspector G.
    This is pretty fucking serious. I hope those imprisoned have received a very healthy compensation and their criminal record wiped clean.
  • jokester
    Same as above, but I also hope that the Judge(s), prosecutors and the ones responsible at the Post Office go to prison.
  • Ian
    Unbelievable. So presumably this was never properly investigated at the time and people went to prison despite innocence which a proper forensic check of their computer systems would have proven? What a disgusting company.
  • haggis
    Private Eye were all over this at least 5 years ago. Nadda mention in the mainstream press.
  • shiftynifty
    Yeah, private eye has been on their case for years, post office just kept swatting complaints away, bastards...postman plod...evil sod
  • Mustapha S.
    The Post Office top brass will just say "Lessons will be learned", and that will be the end of the matter.

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