Portsmouth FC website vanishes as net bill goes unpaid

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Oh dear, poor Portsmouth FC. Their team are rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, the players have had to wait for their wages to be paid on a couple of recent occasions and the club faces a winding up order from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs over unpaid taxes.

Now those beleaguered supporters are unable to access up-to-date information about the comings and goings of their players during the transfer window, along with a list of their diabolical on the pitch results.

That’s because, according to Sky Sports News, the club appear to have been unable to pay their website service provider and as a result, the club’s official site has disappeared. Could things get even worse and Pompey become the first Premier League club to go out of business? What would that ‘superfan’ with the big hat and the bell do then?


  • Mark
    Poor old Pompey :(
  • Lou
    Pay up Pompey
  • BobF
    The original Pompey was assassinated, must just be history repeating itself.
  • Fella-Tio
    if only a few other clubs would fuck off with them
  • Will
    They had a right laugh at us Saints when we were in the s*it. Look at you now you skate c*nts! :D
  • Aidy M.
    Just been on the website , all looks ok to me http://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/news.aspx
  • John
    That link has an aspx extension, Pages in the google cache have php extensions - they must have just moved to another server
  • Tom P.
    Website was definitely down earlier. They must have paid up when the hosting company sent the heavies in black shades around.
  • TFEB
    sod em. No one gave a toss when it was Leeds struggling a few yrs back
  • Football F.
    @TFEB Thats not true, we all had a good laugh at you. The reason nobody gave you any sympathy was that you tried to cheat the system and wipe out your debs without having to suffere the consequences. Try taking the p1ss out of the countries football fans and attempt to get an unfair advantage and you'll soon find yourself the most hated club in the country (what song was it that was sang in unison by Sheffield united, sheffield wednesday, barnsley ,doncaster and Hull fans at the masters a few months ago? "we all hate leeds scum" I believe.
  • Nobby
    It would be great to see a premier league club go tits up and out of business. Quite ironic that portsmouth are sponsored by jobsite - "our job is searching for your job". There's a football club that will be putting some business their way soon.
  • I'm P.
    Essentially, what we've come to realise here, is we all hate each other, and the headline was made up. Good thread.
  • DAVE
    They are not Football Clubs they are PLCs like Tesco or Asda, you are not fans your customers. The game is not played by Footballers any more, but by overpaid cheats actors and shirt pullers in ballet shoes. Oh!! For the days when a player could take a kicking without rolling around and wanting the attention of a team of medics and a Doctor. Where have the men gone and the fans who respected each other all wanting to see a good game not wanting to fight or provoke others with inane obscene chants. it’s the same thing that is missing in society today RESPECT.
  • Antwan P.
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  • <span L.
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