Porsche make ludicrously large television set

17 January 2013

Porsche have made the world's largest TV set. How big? It has a preposterous 201 inch screen and will set you back a whopping £414,000. So big is the television set, that, it invariably wouldn't fit into your house.

Here. Have a look at it.

The screen is made up of more than 725,000 LEDs, displays 4.4 trillion colours, folds away in 5 seconds and even has biometric fingerprint sensors built-in so no-one can use it if they're mental enough to try and steal a 16ft wide telly.

The cost of the television is the equivalent of buying four Porsche 911 cars, but if you have £400k+ to throw around on really, really fancy TVs,  then the price is inevitably the last thing you'll trouble yourself with, unless you're showing off to someone.


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  • dvdj10
    Think you'll find Porsche have merely designed the atheistic's and have nothing to do with the technology or manufacture.
  • James D.
    725k LEDs? That's not even HD
  • Uzziedaman
    Can't wait until Top Gear find out about this.
  • Lord S.
    I'll have three
  • badger
    @ dvdj10 "atheistics"?! Really? Well I for one believe in it. (And before you say it Sicknote, yes we KNOW you already have half-a-dozen in your imaginary palace, and yes Chewbacca, isn't education awful these days since you came out of the care home?*) * you pair of fucking sad bores.
  • spelling_police
    @dvdj10. "Atheistic's"? WTF does that even mean? Did you mean aesthetics? Or perhaps you did mean "atheistics". Twat :)
  • dvdj10
    Haha teach me to not check my spelling! Yes aesthetics, officer cunt!
  • Tom
    'folds away in 5 seconds ' My arse. You can get much bigger screens than this for the same price Also I would have hoped they would have spend a little more money on the video it's so cringie.
  • Spencer
    cold not 1080p
  • Spencer
    sorry... wrong forum....

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