Police launch new and improved crime map online to prey on your fear

28 October 2011

policeThe police's crime map website, launched in February, has been very very popular, bagging itself hundreds of millions of hits. And now, they've expanded it to allow the public to compare the performance of their local force with others.

This means that you can search by postcode to see info about the crime going on outside your house, just so you can really live in abject fear. Constantly.

If you want to round up mates and chase specific people with pitchforks, then you'll be thrilled to learn that the expanded site allows you to identify hotspots and find crimes and incidents by individual street.

And the Home Office aren't finished yet!

"We want to reduce the threshold and publish crime information for key locations such as football stadiums, parks and supermarkets so the public has access to an even greater level of information," said a spokesman.

Its been promised that, as of next May, we'll be able to see the fall out from a crime and track its progress through the criminal justice system.

The policing minister, Nick Herbert, says:

"The addition of further crime categories and easy access to police force performance data will give people the information and power they need to hold their local forces to account and ensure that crime in their area is driven down"

"Ahead of the introduction of elected police and crime commissioners, crime mapping is just one way in which the government is empowering communities and strengthening the link between the police and the public."

See the new Police map, here

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  • Alexis
    Waste of fucking money. Its taken as red that policeman try to solve crimes. Just give them the money to do it - i don't give a toss about stupid maps
  • DragonChris
    Sorry, we couldn't find a policing area in England and Wales that matched your search. Racist fucking bastards. Northern Ireland (and Scotland) are part of the UK too., why exclusively for England and Wales?
  • The B.
    @Alexis, I'd agree it's a waste but for a different reason. The police downgrade crime to keep their stats rosy so the whole thing's a nonsense.
  • Dick
    Why is it racist to leave off Scotland and NI. Scotland wanted devolution, and has got it. The reason Scotland is not involved is because their government and police forces do not want it. But then, there is probably little point. Glasgow would just be a huge blue blob with 4.023e12 on it.

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