Polaroid to flog camera with built-in Instagram filters

Polaroid are going to release a camera with built-in Instagram filters next year, which is excellent news for those who can't work out how to download a simple app on their phone and get actual Instagram filters in the first instance.

The device will, of course, print out its own photos, but you'll be able to share them online too.

The camera will come with 3G and Wifi connectivity and 16GB of storage and the concept designs - top right - look pretty nice, but the actual product may look rather different.

With Polaroid going through bankruptcy twice in the last decade, this could be just the thing to spark some life into the company. Lomo photography is popular at the moment, so they'd do well to hurry this up.



  • chewbacca
    Breathing their last breath.
  • usual
    Another inaccurate story on here, Not by Polaroid company at all Socialmatic have struck a deal to use the name with C&A Licensing, which owns the rights to the Polaroid brand name.
  • Joey J.
  • Yue
    Lomo photography has been popular for a couple of decades. Welcome to those who just caught up.
  • dvdj10
    Why is everyone obsessed with making their pictures look shit? Really hate instagram wankers.
  • Sicknote
    Why don't they just up and employee 2 people to sit in a room and count the cash rolling in fro their patent library.
  • 21st p.
    Only dickheads say 'Lomo Photography'

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