Pogoplug: 5GB of free cloud storage. Seems reasonable.

PogoplugLarge The cloud. The cloud. The cloud. The cloud. It’s all about ‘the cloud’ these days, with trusting the storage of your data to someone with a server somewhere else that you know nothing about, compared to your own hard drive, with its weird grinding noises and that.

Lots of you have been using Dropbox for your cloud-storage, with its free 2GB of storage space, but now there’s a new kid on the block, called Pogoplug, with a whopping 5GB of free space. You can also use it to remotely access files and pictures or stream music from your laptop or PC if you’re using it on a smartphone or tablet.

While the 5GB is free, if you become a premium member, you can get more storage and stream movies from your main computer too. We just tried it all out and went to the bog to look at a picture of a dog.

With Apple’s iCloud looming large at the moment and Google readying themselves to launch their own cloudy-type thing, there’s going to be more and more of these services available. If you’re regularly using any others, big them up in the box below.

EDIT: As superbly pointed out by avid Bitterwallet reader 'Confused', you can double your Pogoplug cloud space to 10GB if you're a CNet member.


  • Confused
    Or double it to 10GB by going here: http://www.cnet.com/2748-32333_1-1338.html
  • Dick
    > We just tried it all out and went to the bog to look at a picture of a dog. Was the picture on a handheld electronic device, or in one of Paul Smith's "specialist magazines" that he left behind?
  • TechLogon
    SugarSynch is very good, been around for a long time and offers 5GB free with similar functionality to DropBox - but without the security scares ;-) Alternatively, for a manual kludge, MS offer free 25GB on Windows Live Sky Drive - it doesn't synch so you have to manually upload files to it. But it's a lot of free storage if you will mainly be adding new files rather than changing them.
  • Nicholson101
    I use the pogoplug hardware which allows the same functionality with up to 4 USB hard drive at home so you're in control of the server itself and no Upload wait times. Well worth the £50 one of cost. Having said that the mobile apps for both android and iOs are hit and miss sometimes but in all great.
  • RugPisser
    I think you can just skip the cnet registration and get 10GB by going here: https://www.pogoplug.com/cnet10/
  • Wilko
    Sugarsync for me. I pay a fiver a month for 60GB. Very good service. Although I also use SpiderOak to back up my web servers - because it also supports Linux. I don't know of any other online service that allows me to backup Linux servers?
  • StuPid
    Not entirely sure how I managed it (I had a TouchPad briefly, or it could be my Windows Phone), but box.net gave me 50GB for free. There are apps for Blackberry, Android and iDevices too, or link to a few apps automatically. (Now I think of it, it might have been Goodreader on iPad)
  • scott
    @Confused Thank you.
  • sock c.
    thats nothing i get 2tb storage to do with as i please and at high speed and without need for internet on my computer and all without having to sign up to some bag of daz site. also just set up an ftp and voila 'cloud'. since when did network storage get termed cloud. gayset buzzword since multimedia or podcast. no wait, podcast is still worse, why not just say recording or copy or mp3. must kill the phonies
  • Al
    I just looked and Sugarsync is $10.00 per month for 60GB, not a fiver.

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