Plusnet refunding broadband charges

8 June 2015

Plusnet-logo The folks at Plusnet are refunding a proportion of broadband charges, with one BW reader getting themselves a cheque for £50!

PlusNet say: "At PlusNet we believe in being honest, straight talking and doing right by our customers. So we'd like to hold up our hands and say we made a mistake."

"In June 2014, our regulator made changes to the broadband market. This meant that the price we were charged for providing broadband in your area reduced. Our pricing policy means that we should have lowered the price we were charging you. So, to set this right, we're refunding you the difference, plus interest..."

That's decent of them, isn't it?

It'd be worth you checking out whether or not you're eligible or not. You can call their customer service team at 0800 432 0200, or use their live online support instead, which you can find here.


  • jmecks
    The refunds are probably automatic. I got a surprise cheque for £88 this morning.
  • Father J.
    Good luck getting anything out of Plusnet. The useless fuckers owe me £50 for missed engineer appointments which I have yet to see.
  • Susan F.
    I had a cheque for £81 on Monday morning.
  • Plusnet r.
    Received a cheque for £81... useless company though!

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