Pizza Express serve up breakfast pizza and iPod docks

Bitterwallet - Pizza Express

It's hard to tell if Pizza Express are brilliant or losing their minds. They've decided to start innovating and doing all manner of odd stuff.

For example, it has been announced that Pizza Express has decided to introduce iPod docks in tables, with sound-proof domes hanging over it, so you can listen to whatever music you like while you chew.

Not only that, but it is reported that you'll be able to personalise the lighting and your toppings via the iPod dock. The light feature also allows diners to beckon the staff, request the bill or ask to be left alone.

This new way of thinking is being tested out in the company's Richmond branch, which is dubbed a "living lab". You'll be able to get in nice and early (from 8.45am) and order some mental ideas... like breakfast pizza. And no, that doesn't mean eating cold leftovers from the day before while scratching your genitals.

They're going to be offering "pizza pittas", croissants, coffee and cake . They'll also be serving the sinister sounding  Teapigs' tea.

Like the sound of that then?


  • RD
  • Leonidas
    Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!
  • DragonChris
    Sounds interesting. Maybe stick some Barry White, turn the red light on, and shag away (not realising that you can be seen outside the glass of course!) Wait... hasn't this been done?
  • Willy-wonka
    The breakfast pizza, mmmmm now that sounds good. bacon, scrambled egg, black pudding, beans and sausage... Bitterwallet please make it!
  • Dabbers
    i've been and its crap. hadn't been to a pizza chain in a while and noticed how expensive it is for what you get....£9-10.5 for a pizza yegadds! also sufficient young children running around to make this akin to the fourth level of hell

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