Pirate Bay/Party to gain seat in EU parliament?

http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/3158/6a00e5520719b0883401127.jpgThe fallout from the recent guilty verdict issued against the Pirate Bay Bittorrent site has been twofold: people went right back to downloading free stuff, and Sweden's Pirate Party (they're not affiliated with Pirate Bay) may pick up a seat in the EU Parliament.

Main concerns of the Pirate Party are reform of copyright and patent laws, stronger rights to privacy both online and off, and clarity and accessibility of state administration. Meaning: "that's even more than less than unhelpful." (Credit: Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of The Carribean)

Dissatisfaction with the entertainment industry has evolved from indifference to hostility, and the recent Pirate Bay verdict has only intensified this effect. The Pirate Party disavows the traditional left to right spectrum of political dogma in favour of pursuing its political agenda with all mainstream parties. It is currently the fourth largest political party in Sweden. By last month, the Pirate Party had passed the Green Party, the Left Party, the Liberal Party, and the Christian Democrats in membership counts. The associated youth organisation, Young Pirate (Ung Pirat) is the largest political youth organisation in Sweden in terms of membership count. According to Techdirt, if the election were held, they, Pirate Party would gain a seat in the EU Parliament.

While the gains by the Pirate Party have been impressive, it remains to be seen whether they have the momentum to follow through with actual election results. Aye aye, captain.



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    Is that the basis of Swedish language? Just knock a couple of random letters out. So, my pencil case is red, in Swedish would become M Pecl cse s ed, yeah? Cool...
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