Phonebloks: Build and upgrade your mobile whenever you want

25 October 2013

phonebloks There's this neat idea knocking around called Phonebloks, which makes your mobile sustainable and will invariably save you money.

It came about after designer Dave Hakkens took apart his camera, which basically worked apart from one thing: "I noticed all these little parts, and everything was good except for the lens motor. That had broken."

When he contacted the manufacturer to get a replacement motor, he was advised to simply get a new camera: "With your bike you repair the tyre, you don't throw the bike away, but for some reason this is what we do with electronics," he said.

Through this, he came up with Phonebloks. The concept is to make a phone with a replaceable screen and components that are easily interchangeable. Basically, you could constantly upgrade bits of your phone without getting a new handset every time, like you'd do with a PC.

"Let's say this is your phone and you do everything in the cloud - why not replace your storage blok with a bigger battery blok? If you... love to take pictures, why not upgrade your camera?"

Naturally, the phone may not look as great as your slim little smartphone, but there's something really great about the idea of having something that evolves at your whim, rather than simply just getting handsets that are the same as everyone else's.

What do you think? Would you have one of these or would you prefer something where the hard work has been done for you already and just wait for upgrade day?

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  • Jerry
    "Basically, you could constantly upgrade bits of your phone without getting a new handset every time, like you’d do with a PC." Who is still "upgrading" a "PC" these days? we don't live in the 90's !! We all have Macbooks now, and you cannot even change the battery with them (they are glued in) And it's not needed also, because our Macbooks are well powerful enough to read this blog, or look at cute kittens on youtube.
  • Jaff
    It's a nice idea, but this won't work. People don't like the hassle of having to make changes and upgrades. People want what other people want. The furthest we've had in phone customisation is the 3310 cases and the iphone cases.
  • Tits M.
    Won't happen even if on paper it sounds great. How are the networks going to make money out of it? Imagine all the cheap compatible copies China will produce too.
  • fra
    Networks will make money out of it by producing their own customised bloks. And selling blok upgrades in their stores. It's potentially avery nice little earner for networks as they won't have to pay all those upfront handset charges to manufacturers yet they will still be able to earn from selling the upgrade bloks.
  • jokester2
    @ Jerry. "Who is still “upgrading” a “PC” these days? we don’t live in the 90′s !!" Lots of people still upgrade PCs - not as much as previously, but many still upgrade the memory and often the hard drive or SSD. "We all have Macbooks now" No, only muppets with more money than sense buy Macbooks. Do you realise you can buy a better PC for less than half the price and the only downside is it doesn't look as pretty?
  • Superfreak
    This will not work. There are no such standard parts for phones and you really think that the phone manufacturers are going to allow this cannabalisation of their sales? Also, what operating system will the phoneblok thing use? The people that JB or install custom roms like cyanogenmod their phones are certainly in the minority of people with phones. That said, I personally like the concept and hope it works.
  • Euan
    It's not a realistic proposition. See, for example,
  • LL J.
    "Hakkens hasn't figured out how to actually make it" That's all you need to know right there. Not even the guy proposing it has any idea how this would work. Because it wouldn't work. How are those simple pins going to connect together all the wildly different components? Computers don't work by magic. There might be room for some sort of handset upgradability but this lego shit is nothing more than the retarded brainfart of a mentalist.
  • jokester2
    @LL Cool Jeeves Where did you find that "quote" lol And there is no reason it wouldn't work - Google daisy-chaining (not the sexual act though lol)

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