Phone battery dead? Whizz on it.

17 July 2013

Scientists at Bristol Robotics Laboratory have come up with a way to charge mobile phones which involves you taking a leak.

The team have been working on their version of the microbial fuel cell (MFC). MFCs use bacteria to break down organic material and create power and human urine seems to do the job.

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos says: “Urine is chemically very active, rich in nitrogen and has compounds such as urea, chloride, potassium and bilirubin, which make it very good for the microbial fuel cells.”

“So far the microbial fuel power stack that we have developed generates enough power to enable SMS messaging, web browsing and to make a brief phone call. Making a call on a mobile phone takes up the most energy but we will get to the place where we can charge a battery for longer periods. The concept has been tested and it works – it’s now for us to develop and refine the process so that we can develop MFCs to fully charge a battery.”

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  • jim
    hmm lots of oppertunities for puns here: Who "leaked" that story? They're really taking the piss This means battery prices will be "slashed"
  • fibbingarchie
    Urine fine form Jim :)
  • zeddy
    Can I have a pee please, mof?

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