Pepsi vending machine gives you a free drink if you’re good at football

You’ve got to hand it to Pepsi for creating a pretty cool World Cup marketing ploy – a vending machine that dispenses freebies if your footie skills are up to scratch.

The #futbolNow interactive drinks dispenser is fitted with motion sensors that track your movements as you try to play keepy uppy with a virtual Messi, Van Persie or David Luiz. If you can keep the ball in the air for 30 seconds and face a series of skill challenges you can earn bonuses – including a free Pepsi Max.

Pepsi have toyed with interactive vending machines before, including one which allowed you to buy drinks for your friends via Facebook. But this is a lot more fun.

So expect to see a lot of slack jawed people in front of vending machines this summer, jiggling about and making arses of themselves in public for a free can of pop.

We’re sure failed attempts will go viral, and there’ll be a few lols when a fat lad hits the deck and ends up with his head wedged in the drinks drawer...


  • Alexis
    Wow a free bottle of sugar water. Cost to Pepsi: 2p
  • Her L.
    I'll just pay the £1 or whatever and be thankful I have no interest in soccer.
  • Knightsbridgevending
    This is nothing but a simple way of marketing the product. I would always prefer to buy it then to get it as free. These days we could even find the best vending machines for cold drinks.

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