People confused by copycat ‘government’ websites

8 July 2014

websites Confusion reigns amongst consumers, who are regularly bamboozled and misled by fake websites posing as official ones – particularly copycat government websites.

Savvy web users might be able to spot a rubbish fake crown logo or a web address called ‘’ But others are regularly being led down the garden path, according to research by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA is so concerned about this that it’s launching a new awareness campaign, which will lead people to official government web pages and away from the dodgy ones.

It’s also considering tougher enforcement of fake sites and advertisers, pledging to work with Google and Bing to weed out the infiltrators.

Although 8 out of 10 people surveyed could spot the official passport application site, some of the other sites posing as government sites are quite convincing. Only half guessed that a site replacing Births, Deaths and Marriage certificates was actually a commercial website.

‘We're focused on tackling any sites that continue to mislead, in support of other enforcement activity.’ Said Miles Lockwood from the ASA. ‘We're also working with search engines and government to ensure the public are protected. In the meantime, always start at to access a government service.’

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  • Slacker
    It would be a lot easier for the unwary to spot these bogus sites if Google didn't put their ads at the top of the page as if they were bona fide search results. Use Adblock Plus, and tell your non-tech savvy relatives/friends to use it too.

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