Pensioner maimed for the sake of a Google Maps Street View

Another entry from our fourth most popular semi-regular feature "funny shit people spot on Google Maps Street View". Today, we're off to a working class housing estate in Holland:

Bitterwallet - Google car hits man on bike 1

So there's a fire engine ahead of the Google camera car, an- wait a second, there's an old on a bike riding straight into the fire truck! Surely she's going to spot it?

Bitterwallet - man hit by Google car in Holland

Oh fuck, the fire truck hit her! Or the Google car did! Or maybe she fell off of her own accord! We simply can't tell. Never mind, at least you can find your way around Amersfoort with ease and it only cost the mobility of one pensioner. Cheers, Google!


  • piggy
    LOL! They've taken the 'after' image off Google streetview now though, not fair...
  • The B.
    It's not neccesarily either vehicle that hit them, pensioners are somewhat like possums, they seem to freeze up when they get scared so what's more than likely happened here. He's seen the vehicles, forgotten how to use his brakes and simply fallen off the bike, more than likely moaning that fireman had more respect for the cyclists in his day and how they used to stop and allow cyclists first, preferring that the house fire decimates the family trapped inside rather than barge their way through and rescue people, tsk, what is the world coming too?
  • jp
    Brilliant. Dawson where do you come up with all this LOL?
  • Pedant
    "Surely he’s going to spot it?" "the fire truck hit her!" ZOMG the magic fire engine changed the cyclists gender
  • Rilshov
    She's alive! You can see her again if you carry on down the street. She's talking to a "witness".
  • Sassie
    THAT'S ME!!
  • Russ
    Stoopid!! You can see from the first photo she obviously has cycled into the side of the fire engine... not google streeviews fault!
  • Mark
    > Brilliant. Dawson where do you come up with all this LOL? Digg.
  • Joff
    If the Street View car driver had any sense, he'd send that in to Harry Hill for £250.
  • Klingelton
    my sides have split, i am no longer!
  • NobbyB
    He was fine. Look at him here, showing his gay pensioner lover his scratched elbow.,+3812+Amersfoort&sll=51.441072,5.473185&sspn=0.006219,0.01649&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Jordanus+Hoornstraat,+3812+Amersfoort,+Utrecht&layer=c&cbll=52.156793,5.375724&panoid=QxTBkKdBEh4vYH2enrbvrQ&cbp=12,104.63,,0,17.08&ll=52.156739,5.37593&spn=0,359.993927&t=h&z=18
  • NobbyB
    Link didn't work correctly, it's this one ...,+3812+Amersfoort&sll=51.441072,5.473185&sspn=0.006219,0.01649&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Jordanus+Hoornstraat,+3812+Amersfoort,+Utrecht&layer=c&cbll=52.156578,5.376163&panoid=qrGCsaSYz8t5r2n2DjmpyQ&cbp=12,304.44,,1,2.55&t=h&ll=52.156644,5.37607&spn=0.001817,0.005166&z=18
  • Emma
    I've been there!
  • piggy
    Deffo a woman, I can tell by the 'fashion'.
  • Paul S.
    jp- "Brilliant. Dawson where do you come up with all this LOL?" Twitter (Smith, not Dawson).
  • Carl
    what is your twitter then Smith? I'm curious.
  • Degeneratemoo
    I think the google car must have stopped to make sure she was okay. There's no way she could be on the floor on frame and across the street talking to someone else the next. Plus if you follow the road, the fire engine is nowhere to be seen....... but then it is magic.
  • Pete
    And now, 3 years later, there is no fall at all. Google has retaken the intersection photo (on a sunny day)

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