PayPal order destruction of WWII violin

4 January 2012

PayPal, who made the shortlist in our Worst Companies of 2011, have been showing a wilful disregard for common sense again, this time getting someone to smash up a violin that survived WWII.

A vendor sold an old French violin to a buyer who disputed the label on the instrument. This isn't uncommon in the violin market. However, instead of understanding what a label dispute means in the violin world, PayPal "made the buyer DESTROY the violin" as they deemed the violin to be "counterfeit".

paypal smashed violin

Is there such thing as a pretend violin? Either way, it appears that PayPal don't have any problem with destroying instruments that have been "examined and authenticated by a top luthier prior to its sale."

Of course, if you were a sneak, you could exploit PayPal's system by buying a cheap, tatty violin, crying 'fake', smash it up at their behest and then make off with the expensive one complete with a refund. That'd invariably work with clothes and bags too, so well done PayPal.

Read the full story with correspondence and small print here.

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  • Sicknote
    What do people expect when they climb into the monkey enclosure? Anyone expecting to receive fair treatment when selling their random shit or object d'art via e-thief-bay / pay-no-one-pal deserves to have their pants yanked to their ankles and then be laughed at. Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha........
  • Craopla
    Every time paypal rip me off, or let someone else do it, I reclaim ten times. New ebay accts, new paypal accts, same address but new names. Sell a bunch of stuff on ebay and build up £20 fees, spend it on other stuff from my card-free paypal acct, dont pay the fees, wait for the cs phonecall and ask them if they seriously think Mr Eff Ewe lives here. Long way round but fun. Selling with no fb seems to make little difference as long as the description is good.
  • Gerard
    If the label is genuine, it's neither French nor WWII. The maker was of Fench origin, but worked in Brussels and it was dated 1933.
  • Frank
    Craopla is an absolute idiot. That's not only 'fee avoidance', that's fraud you muppet.
  • bawjaws
    what an absolute fucktard of a company. saying that, why the fuck would you sell such a thing on ebay?
  • Mark W.
    This proves Paypal is on the fiddle.

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