Patience is a virtue: 1GB SD cards drop over £250 in 5 years

Never put your money in technology, kids; electronic gadgets and computer peripherals that were smashing hits among consumers one day could end up in the 90% discount baskets the next. Take the case of memory cards - a proud owner of a whooping 1GB SD card costing around £275 five years ago would weep to find out that an 8GB San Disk SD memory card is now sold for less than £10.

But this drop in price doesn’t mean that product quality has taken a backseat. SDHC (secure digital high capacity) cards mean up to 32GB of portable and mobile storage space. This means more than 5,000 digital photographs or 6,000 MP3 files that you can conveniently carry in your pocket. Obviously, your device must support it.

So what’s driving the low price tag?

According to Which? researcher Ben Stevens, success plays an important role. When a new technology becomes an instant hit, an increase in supply and in the number of suppliers is expected to follow, which in due course cuts down the cost of production significantly. But I suppose it works the same way on the other end of the spectrum, too.

So for those of you dreaming of OLED TVs and Blu-ray disc players but don't want to fork out your hard earned cash, good things come to those who wait. No harm in collecting a few Blu-Ray DVDs ahead of time though, considering you can get them for £9.71 each at Blockbuster (thanks, herby247!).



  • jah128
    Ben is a simple fool - its got nothing to do with it being 'an instant hit' and everything to do with Moore's law and technology roadmaps - people knew 5 years ago that the capacities would rise and costs go down, its the same process thats been followed for over 30 years now. Thats all about to change, but thats a different story altogether!
  • riotsoverfood
    What makes them cheap now? (i) They require very little raw material (ii) R&D costs recovered long ago (iii) Limited patent license fee But Mainly SHIT HOT COMPETITION AND CHEAP FOREIGN LABOUR
  • Daniel B.
    Can Ben Stevens' theory explain things such as the Wii costing exactly the same now as it did 3 years ago?
  • Disgrunt
    So your expecting Blu Rays to be around the £10 mark forever? When Blu Ray players come down in price, the cheaper films that are a tenner now will come down in price now. Like the article except for this huge contradiction at the end.
  • Tom A.
    What are you? retarded? Collect "blu-ray dvds". Bluray disks aren't DVDs retard.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    TECHNICALLY, Blue ray discs are "digital" and are "versatile" and are "discs".... so technically, they could come under the DVD banner.
  • Mr T.
    I love it when people like Tom Allen try to be smart, but in reality show themselve up as a muppet! :)
  • darkgerbil1
    jah128: moores law describes processing speed not storage capacity!
  • Will T.
    Technically Moore's law fits storage capacity as well
  • colin
    maybe this might interest you guys then: how much do you recon these will be at launch
  • morons
    Its all about supply and demand idiots
  • jah
    Moore's law describes the number of transistors on an integrated circuit, that is all, and thats whats happening here... (but its no incidence that it leads to similar trends in cost per transistor!) The 1GB would have been the highest-end (and most expensive) card at the time, there will be a similar sort of high-end price when the 64GB sdxc cards are launced...
  • Tino
    Why are you guys calling him names? He obviously quite a smart chap. He's got a website that probably bringing him a lot more money than all of our full time jobs combined.
  • Mike H.
    "A proud owner of a whooping 1GB SD card costing around £275 five years ago would weep to find out that an 8GB San Disk SD memory card is now sold for less than £10". We can't wait for prices to drop like this though, you'd never buy anything, you have to get the best price at the time. My first DVD player, back in 2000, cost me £250, now you can pick up a better one for £60, should i have waited 8 years?
  • Ben
    Where is this '8GB card for less than a tenner'? I haven't seen one on HUKD and I've been looking for frickin' ages.
  • Matt
    Regarding the price of the WII, when its outselling everything else out there why would Nintendo even consider dropping the price?
  • alan m.
    I sold a sgb sd card on ebay for £4.20 last week.
  • Ben
    Tchoh. That's no use to me now, is it, Alan?
  • Fred C.
    Those who had spent £250 would have had about £1000+ worth of fun, value and earnings in five years plus 5 years of life which if you bought a 1GB memory now will not capture unless you have a time machine. Those who saved £250 5 years ago and just bought 1GB SD card for £2 may have missed £750+ worth of fun, value and potential income!
  • Kevin
    I got a Class 6 SDHC card for £17.99 from 7dayshop the other day, surely a 16gb card would have made even more of a better example for them? The first big sd card I bought a few years ago was half price at £99 and that was 512mb. Now I can record a 6 minute HD video on my TZ5 that is 825mb.

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