Paper passports to go digital?

passport_photo2 More and more documents are being stored digitally and the like, and the humble passport might be going the same way. Increasing numbers of passengers use their smartphones for boarding passes, and paper tickets are falling in use.

De La Rue, who provide Britain with banknotes, have said that they're going to look at embedding passports directly into our phones. Talking to The Times, Martin Sutherland who is the chief executive of the company, said that they've started trying to secure phone based information that is going to work at immigration control.

Of course, it'll have to be approved by the government as well.

This would be good for those who are irritated with the amount of stuff they have to pull out of their pockets and bags, every time they make their way through an airport - the idea of swiping your phone at each juncture isn't a bad one.

Naturally, there's a lot of security concerns over this, but Sutherland did add that this idea is very much in its infancy, and that there's not likely to be a paperless passport any time soon.

Either way, do you fancy having your passport stored on your phone in some way, or would you be too concerned about what might happen if your phone gets stolen?


  • oldgit
    I remember when emails first came along, there was talk that the paperless office would soon be a reality. That never happened either.
  • Sledge
    Sorry, I can't prove who I am. The battery in my passport has gone flat.

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