Panasonic adds Twitter and iPlayer to TV sets

7 September 2010

THE RINGThe way we all watch TV is markedly different from the way we used to. Basically, pre-social networking, we'd watch a show and grumble about it to ourselves, sometimes, remembering to grumble about it at work next day beside the water cooler.

Now, thanks to things like Twitter and Facebook, we can bleat endlessly about each nuance and daft thing we've spotted like amateur Harry Hills. This means that we're all collectively frying our genitals as we constantly place laptops on our legs and feverishly tap away still our finger-tips blister.

As such, Panasonic have quietly sneaked in on the action and rolled out a software update for its series of internet-connectable HD TVs.

Usefully, this update includes the addition of the brilliant BBC iPlayer, meaning that you can catch up with shows when you like. Less usefully, for those actually wanting to watch shows, they've added a Twitter client as well.

Users can Tweet using the numeric pad on your remote. Alternatively, you can sack it off and just use your laptop or smartphone instead.

If you have the relevant television set and want in, The Reg has a link to an article which has all the details you need as, apparently, it isn't terribly easy to find where these goodies are kept.

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  • Nobby
    I don't use twitter but I just had a shit, and I think people need to know that so I posted here.
  • parpparp
    You can also get it on the G10B models via an over-the-air update that started broadcasting about an hour ago and will be available until the 13th of September.
  • PokeHerPete
    I understand iPlayer, but Twitter? Fuck Twitter, right in the eye.

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