Osmo - an iPad game that encourages kids not to play with the iPad

If you’re concerned that your child is spending so much time on the iPad that they’ve started to swipe the air and regard three dimensional objects with suspicion, then worry no more.


Osmo is a new crowdfunded app for kids that encourages ‘real world’ play. Yes, it will make the little bleeders actually pick up some blocks and build something, thanks to a mirror attachment which turns the ipad’s camera down to the surface where your kid is playing.

It comes in three parts, - software, game pieces and ipad stand. There will be three games available at first – Newton, which asks children to create structures that will link up to on-screen orbs, Tangram, where puzzle pieces must be matched to the shapes on screen, and Words, which is a spelling game, like ipad/3D mirror Scrabble.

Osmo’s crowdfunding campaign will be launched today, and if you help out, you can get the kit for $50 (it will go on sale for $100).

OR, you could confiscate the iPad and kick them out of the back door to go and play a ‘real world’ game of playing in the road and getting you 20 Lambert and Butler from the Co-op.

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  • Morgen
    Where do you get the game Osmo?I've seen it places and I never knew where to get I can't find it anywhere.

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