Ordering your beer with your phone to end the bar queue?

pint of beer There is nothing quite as irritating as getting into a pub and all you want is a lovely beer and it is ten-deep and the barman is doing one drink at a time. And then he does the Guinness last.

Well, one pub is trying something different in a bid to kill the queue - they've got technology involved so you can order through your mobile.

If you go to the Keyworth Tavern in Nottingham you can even order your round while you're on the way, thanks to this Orderella app. You can order from your table once you get in and a bartender will bring over your booze. You'll only have to stand up to defecate or dance badly to the jukebox.

All drinks are charged to an account to avoid actually using cash and the app will be rolled out at 50 pubs across the UK next month.

Landlord Adrian Clarke reckons the app has already gone down well, saying: "A group of customers even had a bet to see which would be quicker – ordering a drink on the phone or going up to the bar as normal. The phone app won."

Naturally, the advent of not using cash could mean that the app generates a feeling of 'pretend money' and you might end up buying far more than you intended, but at least you'll get a roaring night out of it. It won't matter if you're legless now.

Have a look at the app here.


  • Dosser
    Oh man I've been in SO many pubs where happy, smiling bar staff bring the beer to my table. It happens ALL the time.
  • Faron m.
    This was done several years ago http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-493163/Whos-text-New-mobile-service-lets-jump-bar-queue.html apparently. I'm sure that it'll catch on one day for sure :P
  • fra
    Who defecates standing up????
  • Kapitein Z.
    I've tried it. massive splash back.
  • Her L.
    Table service in bars on the continent seems to be the norm and just one more thing our European counterparts do better (along with the weather, topless sunbathing and having a mid-day sleep - oh and defecating standing up, fra). The British are happy to stand at the bar like saps, clutching a £20 note in the weak hope that it will signal to bar staff you're actually waiting to order and not just staring at bottles of Apple Sourz or J2O for the apparent health benefits. No, this Orderella (fucking awful name) app will make pub life much more pleasant - avoiding the need for conversation with the barkeep when all you want to do is get blotto and numb life's pains. Who's next?
  • Mike O.
    Mine's a large one!
  • Tim
    They had this in the bar at Heathrow a long time ago. Thought it was a bit naff (and the app was rubbish)

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