Orange launches combined iPhone and iPad contract

3 June 2011

Bitterwallet - Orange logoOrange have had a neat idea. They've launched a tariff that combines the iPhone and iPad, starting from a £99 charge with a £65 per month contract. That's not too bad is it?

This 'Connected' plan gives Orange customers the chance to get their grubby mitts on an iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 3G, in one bundle.

The contract covers minutes, texts and data and will take £1,659 out of your bank account  over a 24 month contract, giving you a 2GB data allowance as well as 600 minutes and unlimited texts for iPhone use. This deal gets you the 16GB versions of the devices. Larger GB versions are available, at a higher price.

Also, you'll need to be an existing Orange customer to get in on this deal, otherwise you'll have to fork out a further £50 as a one-off payment.

Still, it is cheaper than buying the two devices separately, though the major problem with this deal is, thanks to the contract being one that covers 24 months, there's a very good chance your gadgets will be hugely out of date by the end of it.


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  • Dick
    £1,659 for a fucking toy. Jesus. No doubt people (men obviously, since these are apple products) will sell their right testicle to get the deal. They sold the left to get the earlier and now out-of-date, completely useless iPad and iphone 3.
  • Sawyer
    @ Dick: if not their right testicle, then definitely their right kidney...
  • Dick
    @Sawyer: And you know why he's called Little Zheng? Some chinese drug baron is no doubt enjoying having a slightly longer penis and Zheng got a Wii.
  • Ben
    Poor the telecomms companies. Apple's 12 month product cycle has, I imagine, ruined their 24 month contracts. Oh wait, they're greedy bastards. Never mind. Still, I'm amazed there aren't more 12 month apple-specific contracts around. I'd have thought O2 especially would love the chance to re-fuck everyone's tarriff every time a new handset (and software) is announced.

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