Opt out of Google Maps Street View and get egged

24 November 2010

humpty_dumptyHave you ever known someone to be fanatical in their support of Google? Of course you haven't because you're not a complete tit. However, there are people out in that stupid world of ours who like Google so much that they've started egging people's houses.

Basically, what's happened here is that, in Germany, people have been chucking eggs and posting pro-Google propaganda on the properties of people who have decided to opt out of Google's Street View.

In short, if you want to protect your privacy and have your home blurred out, which is of course fine, you might discover that some dicks have covered your home in albumen.

More irritatingly, these 'protesters' (who have clearly missed the big news this week that World War III could be kicking off any time now) used free-range eggs and posted papers with the incredibly powerful message of “Google's cool”.

Google have said: "We respect people's right to remove their house from Street View and by no means consider this to be acceptable behaviour.”

There's been some fuss around Street View in Germany. Funnily enough, 250,000 Germans have chosen to opt out of the service, including a Munich resident in the same building as Google's German office, which means that the company have had to blur out their own property.


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  • Keith
    Great story from PcPro. Do you do your own stories?
  • -]
    The BBC had it before PCPro ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11827862 ). Do PCP not do their own stories? At least BW credited their source.
  • Goggles c.
    I bet Google news had it first
  • Kevin
    People who make whole areas blocked out are bad. Block our their house, or their floor of a building, but let me show mine off. You can't see down the end of my culdesac because some knob didn't like it. What bout my right to be shown?
  • Private P.
    Right to privacy trumps right to be an attention whore
  • jaffacake
    it's going to take a lot of eggs to sort 250,000 properties. must buy shares in the industry....

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