OFT to try and stop your stupid children spending loads of money on apps

stupid_children The OFT have announced that they're going to investigate whether children are being unfairly pressured into buying content in 'free' app games, which is clearly a reaction to a number of high profile stories regarding kids who have spent preposterous amounts of money on their parents' phones and tablets.

The Office of Fair Trading are asking for information from the companies concerned, and will be looking at ways of regulating app games, which children will invariably work their way around anyway.

Until then, parents have a number of options. One is to ensure that the WiFi connection is turned off (stick it on Airplane Mode) so that children can't make any purchases.

In the settings of most tablets, you can disable the in-app purchases function. With Apple, go to "Settings", select "General", hit "Restrictions" and select "Enable Restrictions". Whack in your passcode and then go to "Allowed Content" and turn off "In-app Purchases". With Android, remove your bank details from the device so that your dumbass offspring can't make auto-payments.

Or indeed, make sure your children don't go anywhere near your lovely gadgets and make them sit in the yard with a pen and paper and a face like a slapped arse.

The latter will probably be funnier.


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