Office discover a security breach

office Well, we wouldn't want to be in YOUR SHOES. Yes, it’s that time again when you need to…change your password. First it was ebay and now it’s footwear emporium Office, who have discovered a similar personal data hack. Petty criminals have nabbed names, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, but no financial data has been affected.

So far.

It all begs the question - if you buy a pair of shoes once or twice, do they really need to keep all your details on file? Fair enough if it's your bank, but why does a shop need to hold onto your life story after one ill-advised trainer shopping spree?

Industry experts are calling for changes in what information retailers hold on their databases. Because of the huge amount of personal details they have - so that returning customers can log into the website and be remembered – they’ve become easy targets for cyber chancers.

Anyway, the Office security breach only applies to customers who created accounts before August 2013, but change it to be on the safe side.

(Oh, and while you're there, there's some really nice sandals in the sale.)

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