Ofcom warn 4G could mess with your telly

3 June 2011

televisionOfcom have sent out a chilling warning that the next-gen 4G network could muck about with our digital TV signals, leaving millions of Britons with the horrifying prospect of actually talking to each other.

The regulator has launched a consultation to find out what the extent of the interference could be, and also to devise measures to thwart it before 4G goes live in 2013.

“When the 800 MHz spectrum starts being used for mobile services they will be close in frequency to the spectrum used for digital terrestrial television (DTT). This means that there will be potential interference from mobile base stations that could affect the ability of some people to receive DTT,” Ofcom said in a statement.

The regulator is suggesting that operators pay for filters which will stop any interference, as well as expecting operators to pay the cost of alternatives where filtering doesn't work. In extreme cases, digital TV customers could be forced into switching to satellite TV. Or, y'know, watching everything online.

This could cost mobile operators upward of £100 million in preventative measures. There's no filters on the market yet, but it is obvious that there'll be people developing them now as it could be a massive money spinner for someone.


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  • james D.
    a low pass filter *gasp* when will science invent such a thing
  • Russ
    No, no, no, science will have to invent a band pass filter....
  • The B.
    Of course 4G isn't actually 4G because it doesn't fit the industry defined limits for 4G, but Telcos decided that didn't matter and called it 4G anyway.

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