Ofcom to bump Freeview in favour of 4G

2 April 2012

A dog near some 4G, last week

Ofcom have come up with yet another idea in a bid to get some 4G in our faces. And this time, it involves our televisions. That's right, they plan to bump Freeview down into the 600MHz space no-one wants, so people buying the new iPad will be able to get 4G.

This comes with the rise in mobile data consumption and Ofcom's proposals are based on smartphone users multiplying their consumption by as much as 300 times in the next decade.

Basically, cutting out all the boring stuff from Ofcom's proposals, US made gadgets running 4G use the same frequency that we're currently watching television on. So, if we see TV shunted down a notch, we'll see American gadgets working over here.

While this sounds like a faff, it is a better option that the other consideration from Ofcom which would've seen us with a reduction in TV channels by half. That could mean Challenge getting scrapped and no more re-runs of Bullseye! And that's an appalling notion. There's another idea of switching the broadcast of TV completely, instead, going entirely online with it. However, even in 20 year's time, broadband may not be as omnipresent as some of us may think.

Either way, Ofcom are looking at the ways we can juggle our network early, to plan for the future. Apart from absolutely everyone agreeing that BBC Three should go away and die, what do you think should be done with the spectrum?

The Reg have a copy of Ofcom's proposals in a PDF. Click here to read it if you like. Be warned though - it is criminally dull.


  • Aelynn
    Everyone knows the sole purpose of BBC3 is to watch re-runs of Family Guy and American Dad before going to bed. Still, that's no reason to scrap it.
  • Idi A.
    "Let's see what your mobile would have worked like, Bully".
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Frikkin' LOVE bullseye.
  • MAN C.
    Freeview is not being 'bumped down' into 600MHz that nobody wants. Television currently uses spectrum from around 470 to 890 MHz. A process is underway to limit that to 470 to 790MHz and the current Freeview network is planned around achieving this. This next step will impose further restrictions, creating a TV broadcast band of around 200MHz - or around half of what it was. It will most likely lead to some service closures and/or some loss of coverage (as Arqiva's recent report for Ofcom states).
  • shoplifter
    BBC 3 is probaly the only channel worth watching besides the odd wink at BBC 4 And MAN IN CHARGE....Too much time in the bedroom methinks
  • Exactly
    What a dull and somewhat vague story.
  • dvdj10
    Yer, when writing a story it would be good to include the consequences of what you're writing about. I don't know the first thing about television frequencies, but then I don't try and write an article about them! By "bumping down" what will we lose, if anything? Man in Charge seems to know his shit, ask him.
  • Mike H.
    "How many crystals do you have? None?! Oh yes that's right becasue they fucked off freeview in favour of the iPad owning cunts" - Richard O'Brian
  • Radio M.
    FFS, changing Freeview in favour of Apple Fan boys, jesus christ, half the population couldnt work out the switch to digital never mind moving it again. Good old Ofcom, making sense out of the ridiculous once again, oh wait is that the right way round?

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