Ofcom to allow your new ISPs help you change provider

10 September 2010

Ofcom, who for the most part, are entirely useless, are considering changing the way in which we switch broadband providers.

Now, when you want to leave your broadband provider in favour of another, the side losing you has to fanny about supplying a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) which is then handed over to a gloating new supplier.

As such, the resultant faff has seen 45% of broadband users having the opinion that switching to a new provider is too much hassle.

So, in a bid to grease the cogs a little, Ofcom is considering switching to a Gaining Provider Led (GPL) process, to put the onus on your new ISP, which will hopefully mean that there's an all-round greater need for customer care.

"The gaining provider has an incentive to ensure that the switching process is as smooth and easy as possible," said Ofcom.

"GPL processes are also more likely to deliver lower prices, greater choice and innovation for consumers as they force providers to compete vigorously for rivals' customers," Ofcom added.

"In Losing Provider Led (LPL) processes this incentive for providers to enter and compete for rivals' customers is reduced because of the ability of the losing provider to identify (via the code request) and retain customers willing to switch through 'save offers'."


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  • james d.
    and MY comments are always awaiting moderator approval? Anyway, in regards to the story, the whole point of the MAC system was to prevent dodgy suppliers stealing your service without your consent. Kind of like when you get the mail one day and realise you are now a customer of Npower when you distinctly remember saying "no piss off" to an irritating door to door npower salesman. I do wonder how this new system is going to prevent that,
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  • Olly
    (Back to the story) Erm, isn't just going to create a whole heap of unauthorised switching, similar to what happens with Electricity providers at the moment? If the Gaining Provider can initiate the process, what checks will there be to ensure that this is what the customer wants?

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