Ofcom may have been wrong to say the UK has the best broadband

13 March 2014


Yesterday, we reported on the dubious news that Britain had the best broadband in Europe. Ofcom were all kinds of thrilled about it while everyone else squinted their eyes and muttered to themselves.

Well, turns out that Ofcom might have got it all wrong.

Boris Ivanovic, chairman and founder of FTTH broadband provider Hyperoptic, thinks Ofcom's report is riddled with flaws. Of course, this means we have to trust someone called Boris, rather than Ofcom.

Either way, Ivanovic said: "The overall conclusion that the UK has the best broadband in Europe is highly questionable as broadband infrastructure in other European countries, especially in Scandinavia, is far superior to ours at the moment."

Boris wasn't convinced by the average speeds reports.

"The reason for this is because of the way the data is collated and measured; median and average speeds are confused - just because providers report they are increasing speeds it doesn't mean that the consumer is able to receive it."

"For example, many buildings that we have connected with Hyperoptic's 1 Gbps broadband were on less than 5Mbps beforehand. If these poor speeds are still happening in urban centres then it is hard to believe reports that the UK has the best broadband in Europe: there is a long way to go before we can give ourselves this accolade."

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