Ofcom crows about Britain's awful broadband speed

6 March 2013

Ofcom have compiled a scorecard for Britain's frankly lousy broadband speed, which conveniently misses out loads of countries in a bid to make us look better. Pretty sad really.

After the Coalition Government boasted about Britain having the fastest internet in Europe, even they're cottoning on to the idea that we're not going to be making any waves before their 2015 target. However, Ofcom's report has juggled the stats in a move to give us false hope.

This all stems from former Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt - now killing the NHS and still not being made accountable for the BSkyB debacle that he oversaw - who said that it was the government's "ambition to have Europe's best superfast broadband by 2015."

And so, with this looking increasingly unlikely and, indeed, Hunt making excuses long before being promoted by Cameron, Ofcom have now put out a scorecard which compares the UK's broadband developments with France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Ofcom said it made sense to only compare ourselves to this big four, saying: "The factors that affect the development of broadband networks, such as geography, population size and density and legacy infrastructure, differ significantly between the 27 EU Member States. For this reason we consider it more appropriate to compare the UK's broadband network with those in other major European economies than with those in all EU27 countries."

While this may make some sense, the fact is, the angle being played out is that we're the fifth best in Europe, even though Holland, Ireland, Latvia, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Belgium and Austria all have faster broadband than Britain.

By siding with 'major economies', Britain looks to be performing well, but let us be honest here, Britons would hope that we'd be doing better than Finland, which is made entirely out of snow and goblins. Worldwide, Britain is flagging behind Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, which means that, basically, we've got one of the crappest internet connections in the world.

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  • LD
    BT's fault, plain & simple.
  • Strawbear
    I'd rather they spend their time looking into Virgin's harassment of the general population with their ongoing crusade to turn every tree around into junk mail. How fast do we need do see cats playing pianos and ladies inserting various unlikely items into their parts? There's other things more important we could be concentrating on.
  • jimmy
    Strawbear, Telecommuting, distributed working, delivery of more content are all solid reasons to make sure we have at least a competitive broadband speed. Infrastructure is key to the economy and supposedly investing in it gives a greater economic return than anything else. If the government are unwilling or unable to improve roads it needs to take people off them by providing the infrastructure through other means. There's no reason why most office jobs need take place in a rented building. Finland for it's tiny population is well ahead when it comes to technology. You can get a full signal on your phone in the deepest snowy fell, here you struggle to get it in your living room, let alone the forest.
  • Natty
    @Strawbear I agree even though I'm with VM I still get mail inviting me to join!! @jimmy That's because no one has an issue with phone masts distributed around snowy fells in Finland. If you want to have a good signal ask them to pop one up outside your house, I'm sure your neighbours will be really grateful.
  • Alexis
    The system is basically a set of concentric rings radiating outwards from each exchange. With distance the speed diminishes. Yet we never hear about what exactly is being done to help the people on the edge of the rings.
  • jt
    I'm quite happy with my 43Mb/s from BT thanks.
  • Archie
    I get 76mbs on bt infinty 2. Waiting for the fttp to start next month.

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