Ofcom are investigating BT's rollover contracts

4 March 2011

bt-logoOfcom are sniffing around BT again and telling them that they need to stop handcuffing customers into repeated minimum contracts without, y'know, actually asking them first.

These contracts, which are usually called rollover contracts, are offered by BT and award late noticing customers with an intentionto cancel with a financial penalty.

That's what Ofcom reckon anyway (so yeah, BT, if you're suing someone, sue them, not us).

Ofcom think that around 15 per cent of UK residential consumers are on rollover contracts and, in order to stop any more from being hit with a cancellation charge at the whim of BT, they're proposing to change regulations.

Of course, switching providers is difficult enough. Customers are often asked to pay the remainder of their contract if they decide they want to take their custom elsewhere.

The watchdog wants to see rules changed so that opt-out contract renewals in any form in both landline and broadband services are prohibited.


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  • klingelton
    Go Ofcon! BT tried this on me as well, they backed down when i said they wouldn't receive a penny from me over what i perceived they were due - they quickly backed down.
  • Alexis
    Same here. On 6th debt collection letter now. BT are easy to ignore. They're so big they can't be bothered with trying to get the money.
  • SteveG
    BT eh? How can such a massive organisation be so incompetent? I had a nice little email from them recently saying my monthly line rental is going up in price. Does anyone know if I can use this as a change in terms and conditions to therefore get out of my 12 month rolling contract?

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