Oculus Rift could be here by next Summer

oculus headset The consumer launch of Oculus Rift is mere months away - yes, the fancy new headset will soon be yours to giddygoat about  in your own home!

That's according to Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe, who made the soon come  announcement sound slightly dirty during a presentation at Dublin's Web Summit 2014.

"We're all hungry for it to happen," he said. "We're getting very close. It's months, not years away."

However his definition of 'months' translates as 'many months'. Oh.

The headset that allows gamers to game in a 3D set-up, that allows players to step inside their favourite games and completely immerse themselves in the virtual world. Wooh.

The Oculus heaved into view earlier this year, when rumours of a public beta launch were mooted for the Summer of 2015.

Iribe has said of Oculus, that "want to get it right" and not launch something half-baked just to get it out there. He added, like some lothario: "We don't want it to be four or five years. We're eager for this to happen."

Just imagine what it'll be like when the adult entertainment industry gets their hands on it.

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