O2 give free WiFi to London

25 July 2012

londonO2 is offering free Wi-Fi to bits of London as of today, and frankly, the rest of us can go whistle. Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Exhibition Road will all be getting the free WiFi.

"We are proud to announce that today, we can bring O2 WiFi to some of the busiest streets and squares of central London," said Gavin Franks, managing director of O2 WiFi. "We are now providing Londoners and visitors alike with fast, free, reliable WiFi."

One good thing about this is that O2 are giving everyone, regardless of the network or broadband provider they use, free WiFi.

"With millions of extra people coming to town for Games, we want to ensure we showcase the capital as the best city in the world to work and visit, and the addition of free WiFi to some of our most popular landmarks is crucial in helping to maintaining that reputation," said Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, in a statement.

He then tripped over a hatstand and used a Victorian racial epithet. Probably.

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  • Kevin
    About time really though. Since they lost the BT Wifi all we've had is what you get from standing outside their shops and Costa Coffee
  • parm
    Hummm, guess that they won't be harvesting the traffic for trends then...
  • Sicknote
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....gasps for a breath...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. As an existing O2 customer they'll be able to enjoy the same shitty shit signal I already get in central London. Ha ha ha ha ha ha...............
  • Brad
    Yep O2 internet on my phone is like pulling teeth at times, that if it has a signal.
  • Mof e.
    I suck big hairy willys
  • Trollateriat
    O2 == yum

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