O2 announce roaming data cuts

14 May 2012

o2logo_mediacentreThe EU have announced cuts on roaming data prices for mobile networks, saying that there needs to be a €0.70/MB limit on internet usage to save us all from horrifying surprise bills.

While we wait for everyone to cotton-on, O2 have decided to crack on with reacting to this decision, announcing a new roaming bundle called O2 Travel. The company are saying that this new tariff gives pay-monthly customers 25MB of data for £2 a day when abroad. If you pass the cap, there's a you can buy the bolt-on again.

O2 have said that this new package is purely coincidental (yeah right) and that they didn't need to change data tariffs or prices because they were already in line with EU requirements. Now, bear in mind that the website is still quoting £3/MB for PAYG customers which is five times the EU regulation price.

Either way, at least O2 have actually bothered to do something about roaming charges. Orange and Vodafone are still keeping quiet about their plans and Three, well, they're still trying to work out how to get their users coverage in their own country, let alone a foreign one.


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  • Dom
    As far as Three are concerned, I have great coverage with them!! & they have 97% 3G coverage in the UK. Better than any other network I've been on.
  • The B.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A bit round of applause for Dom from 3's marketing department, taking the initiative once again.
    I would willing sell my house and all it's contents to help 3 achieve 100% 3G coverage!
  • Skymarshall
    I can thankfully state that I do not work for 3, but my network / 3G coverage has never been an issue, and my mobile internet speed is double the speed than the shite the "Superfast Broadband" providers can manage. Just saying.
  • 3
    Dom does not fucking work for us. He's a cunt. Skymarshal doesn't either. He's a twat but not a liar. Titwank spunkathon! (We are still the sweariest network)

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