O2 and Vodafone complain about Ofcom 4G plans

23 March 2012

Bitterwallet - O2 featuredOfcom's decision to approve Everything Everywhere's rollout of 4G hasn't exactly been popular. Vodafone spat teeth about it all and today, O2 has publicly voiced their anger.

O2 have said that Ofcom is contradicting itself by allowing EE to rollout 4G using its 1800MHz spectrum before rivals get the chance to. The firm believe that this gives EE an unfair advantage, which goes against Ofcom's aim to deliver a competitive market.

O2 said in a statement: " We are concerned that Ofcom's other proposal to allow one operator to launch 4G early on its existing spectrum is contradictory to its objective of delivering a competitive market environment with four competing players. This could expose the process to further risk of delay."

Vodafone of course, had a little outburst earlier this week and accused Ofcom of "taking leave of its senses" about the whole thing. Of course, it is nice to see Vodafone spitting their dummy out when you think of that gigantic tax bill they dodged.

Three are yet to make their views known about the whole thing, but unless they adopt an incredibly swearing policy, no-one really cares do they?

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    I am quite offended by that swearing. I hope that nobody else tries share any harsh language on this family website ...
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  • thefunboi
    O2 are concerned someone has got something they cant have? Think iPhone you twats! And as for Vodafone & their tax. Exactly. They should be denied it until they pay that back in arrears.
  • So b.
    Yawn. Isn't it about time you just closed bitterwallet down, removed the comments facility or rebranded as tourettes-sufferers.com? It's just nothing but a platform for one or two nutcases whose sole purpose in life is arguing amongst themselves (or with themself??) and writing the most unfunny puerile comments possible because they clearly have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives. I used to like reading the "articles" on this site but quite frankly it's all very boring now. I'd rather read the well informed and rational comments on The Sun's website than the "humourous" comments that people constantly post here. Maybe bitterwallet should be added to the deathwatch section?
  • Are E.
    @So very bored What exactly are you doing wasting your time here? There are a billion other websites you could waste your time on and achieve the exact same level of worthlessness that you achieve when you come here. It's not like commenting on an article in the Guardian actually achieves anything is it? If you don't want to be pathetic then get of your fat internet browsing arse and do something that's actually useful eh? Perhaps you can go and finish that brain surgery/rocket science/cancer research/nuclear disarmament programme/picket starbucks/street cleaning instead of wasting your life reading this unfunny crap.
  • Pete L.
    It rather amuses me that o2 are complaining about them not having a fair chance to supply access to the 4g suffer when their 3g service is so poor, maybe they should see about getting that up to scratch before trying to get their fingers in the 4g pot
  • Pete L.
    suffer = service
  • unbelievable
    When O2 & Vodafone had unfair advantages back in the day, it was all hunkey dorey then, wasnt it? now these greedy barstuds o2 & Vodafone crying about unfair advantage. Fcuk 'em!
  • Chesney
    @So very bored - I completely agree, would be nice to kill the comments facility or at least have a swear filter so the simpletons could be kept at bay. :(
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    @Chesney But as they are going through puberty, how else can they unleash their frustration at being unable to get a girlfriend/boyfriend? On a scarier note: imagine the size of these comments, once they have a minimum price on a unit of alcohol; all that extra time on their hands :)
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