Now your bottom could be your new fingerprint

big-bottom Never mind face recognition – we could be on the brink of entering the age of arse recognition. Japanese boffins have pioneered technology that brings us a car seat that can identify a person’s backside with 98% accuracy whenever they plonk themselves down in the seat.

It’s all thanks to 360 pressure sensors that can produce a precise map of any human arse – the idea is that the seat will one day be available as an anti-theft product with two to three years. If it isn’t your bum in the driver’s seat, the car ain’t going anywhere.

Pioneering boffin Shigeomi Koshimizu (remember where you read that name first) also believes that the arse-reading technology will be able to be deployed as a method of getting workers to log-in to their computers – you’ll simply sit in your chair, which will recognise your backside and off you go.


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  • Mad H.
    All well and good, but I'd wager that my arse is now a significantly different shape than it was a couple of days before the Christmas food and alcohol binge. Would my car still work?

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