Now you can play Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon against yourself... or something

We’re all familiar with the Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon law, where almost any actor can be traced back to Kevin Bacon in six moves or less. Remember that time when Cliff Richard played it with the Wimbledon crowd on a during a Centre Court rain break? Or when Saddam Hussein tried to prolong his life by attempting to engage his executors in a game of it? Ah, amazing scenes….

Well now, because the world has definitely got nothing more important to worry about, there’s finally a searchable Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon database, housed within the popular search engine ‘Google’. Simply input ‘Bacon number’ and the name of an actor into the search box and that actor’s Bacon rating will appear before your very eyes. Like this….

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 16.20.35

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