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spotify_logo-copy1-1 Sky and Napster upped the stakes in the online music war last week but the cool Swedes behind Spotify have take it in their stride and hit back with some enhancements of their own service.

After a few months of hiding it away, as of now, users can purchase music that is featured on Spotify with just a few simple clicks. The download function is in conjunction with 7 Digital.

As they say on their blog: “If a track or album is available for purchase a little ‘Buy’ button will be displayed next to it. Simply click it and without leaving Spotify, you’ll download the MP3 files.
Music you’ve purchased can be downloaded 3-5 times depending on which label the music comes from.”

“The files are in MP3 format and most of them are either 256 or 320 kbps – the quality is specified when purchasing. The files are also playable in Spotify (under ‘Purchases’) as long as they remain on your hard drive. All the MP3s you purchase are yours to own and can be transferred to any MP3 device of your choosing or burnt to a CD.”

So you’re getting a high quality MP3 file and the music is DRM-free…. but you’ll pay a premium for that. Tracks are being offered for around 99p-£1.19 and full albums are slightly dearer than Apple’s iTunes equivalent.

But Spotify are already thinking ahead and are planning to "package" music in with existing mobile tariffs, ISP bundles, cable plans and with devices including TVs. Daniel Ek, their Chief Fun Enhancement Officer says: “The key for us is getting music in to people's existing billing habits."

“If we can transcend it so that, maybe you don't actually have to pay for the music, it's included in your data plan with your carrier or ISP or cable operator; it might be when you buy a new product, a TV screen, that you get one year of music included ... devices like new Samsung TV screens, where they've got Linux built in, which allows you to do software on it - they've got YouTube built in, they might have Spotify built in.”

"We want to create a platform where the (Spotify) brand stands for ease of use and people actually build their library using Spotify and feel this is an experience - and, through their carrier, can access that experience.”

Ek, you crazy bastard. But you know what – it might just work...


  • convert m.
    hey! do you know where I can download the myth busters theme song (mp3)?, thanx! Mike.
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    Top notch content Now you can buy with Spotify | BitterWallet you have undoubtedly impressed all of us Peace Rob Rasner IMDB

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