Now Ryanair scrap airport check-in to save money

Checking-in online has become part and parcel of the airline industry, but Ryanair are to continue revolutionising the way we travel by scrapping physical check-in desks altogether. By the end of the year, all the pre-flight shenanigans will be have to be done through the internet.

Ultimately, it won't make the front-of-house process at the airport that much quicker - bag drops still require you to display ID and boarding passes, answer security questions and, if your bags are over the weight limit, stump up cash. That said, these changes are all about the consumer according to Ryanair, as they always are; the additional savings will be passed on to the customer, blah etc.

Chief executive Michael O'Leary told The Telegraph:

"All we will have is a bag drop where passengers can drop off their luggage; otherwise everything will be done online. Ultimately, we want just one in five people to check in luggage."

Other press reports claim that Ryanair is aiming to cut costs further by:

  • asking passengers to contribute a 5 litre jerry-can of jet fuel before flying
  • introducing the concept of "seat-buddies" which sees two passengers sharing the same seat
  • removing seats form aircraft and selling them to churches to replace pews
  • replacing plane routes with buses where possible



  • jjgreen
    all ok providing someone is on hand to people help with special requests - many airlines do on-line check in now ; it's hardly radical......
  • Martin
    If Ryanair want to make more money, why not sell boxing gloves at the gate? This will help with the no-seating plan.
  • JJRTolken
    Next, Ryanair will fine anyone who takes anything on to the plane including purses / handbags / any thing other than just themselves. Will all the ex check in staff now be employed to police their stupid everything must fit into one bag policy before boarding the plane?
  • sing2trees
    Last time (and I mean the last time!) we flew with Ryanair, we had to check in manually because we were travelling with an infant. So I wonder what happens now....!
  • Spong D.
    They could get rid of the windows, then get passengers to stick their arms out and flap to help save on petrol! ;)
  • Dave T.
    You're getting pathetic now with this anti Ryanair stance - its just not funny anymore. Ryanair is successful !!
  • Honky S.
    Have an onboard Indian Style Toilet where you simply have a hole in the floor and all the droppings fall below. This way they can carry less shit around
  • Sb
    Ryanair are rubbish anyways. Who cares what kind of rubbish they come up with next.
  • JJRTolken
    Maybe next they will install coin operated lavatories on all thier flights for anyone who's bladder can't last the average 1 - 2 hour flight.
  • Jeezey
    When are they going to start charging fat people more to fly? Seems inevitable really.
  • Jamie
    When I flew from Nairobi to Zanzibar Airport, after checking in our luggage, we were reunited with our bags and asked if we could lift them off of the tarmac and hand them to the man in the luggage comparment on the airplane. I reckon the few people that pay ryanair for hold luggage could be asked to do this. Interestingly some of us also had bought "masai style" tourist gift knives which were in our hold luggage which assumably we could have easily taken out post airport security. And to think this airport had a problem with people firing heat-seeking missiles at planes near the runway...
  • Martin
    According to sources inside Ryanair, Ryanair's ultimate plan is actually to do away with planes. After all why go through all the hassle and expense of flying, getting to the airport, long security checks, fighting for seats, creating loads of CO2 emissions, and so on. Why not just pay Ryanair the money, stay at home, avoid the hassle and save the planet! You'll feel better for it!
  • jrwgas
    Wow! JJRTolken, can you tell me next weeks lottery numbers?! Posted by JJRTolken | February 23rd, 2009 at 4:04 pm Maybe next they will install coin operated lavatories on all thier flights for anyone who’s bladder can’t last the average 1 - 2 hour flight. Unless you are O'Leary in disgause...!
  • Jeff
    Well well, Mr O'Leary just gets madder and madder. People should wander whether he is actually sane. Safety seems to be far from his mind - or is he just taking the piss. I think he is and has been for a while!!!!!
  • carol
    What's the point in quibbling about Ryanair's policies? All one needs to do is use them and shut up! No other airline beats them for price and punctuality, so forget how they operate and just do it!!!!!
  • Linda
    Bookng in online rnubbish do not explaint correct information jus cost me 80.00 euro for not been told how the correct procedure - never agai

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