Now Google want to take over your TV set as well

21 May 2010

google_logo Google have been full of big ideas this week, including putting all the music ever made and sticking it in a big cloud.

Their latest wheeze is to marry the internet to the telly and the boffins at Google have hooked up with Sony in an attempt to revolutionise what we watch and how we watch it, with a pre-Christmas launch scheduled in the USA.

The new service will enable couch-dwelling viewers to search for live streaming channels as well as content from sites like YouTube, bringing together all known available TV in the most easy-to-control format to date. Ordinary web surfing will also be available on the new tellyboxes.

“Video should be consumed on the biggest, brightest, best screen in your house - the television. That's not the PC, or mobile.” parped Google’s Rishi Chandra at the launch yesterday. As you'd expect.

The launch follows the recent announcement of increased output from See Saw in the UK and is another major ker-pow in the face of Apple, a company that may be completely dead by the end of 2011.

We’re expecting that by 2020, the whole world will speak a new Google language consisting of nothing but the word ‘Google’ with the meaning determined by the way the word is spoken. Oh, and biscuits. There’ll be Google biscuits too.


  • Klingelton
    hmm. this google is goole. i'm going to the google to get a google. Would anyone else like a google?
  • F. F.
    I'm weary of Google. Maybe I've watched too many futuristic films but all I see is a google terminator and google demolition man (phwoar Sandra bullock).
  • Wonky H.
    "Two percent is 6 million viewers. And if they start channel-switching, it's war! You know that, Ben."
  • rob
    Google all the way...all they need to do is take over face book, get android as a full up and running operating system and then the world will bow at their feet...we love google...
  • Jack
    If they can make a good interface to it, and make sure the search function is good at looking at multiple sources then this would be really good! I am sure Google can do a good job of it, they rarely make something that doesn't work well. Google are an awesome company, if you don't like it, stop using their services. Oh no, you don't want to because they are so good. And don't say "I can't" there are loads of mail / search / video delivery services out there, its just Google have the good ones, and they are convenient in one place. Plus they deliver targeted ads to you that may even be useful. Amazing. Yes I'm a Google fanboy. However if this Web TV thing doesn't work out, you may as well hook up a computer to a large screen in your living room, it would would just as well, but with more freedom - away from Google's way of directing you. So you can get your TV and and extra place to access the Web in one place.
  • That t.
    I 'Googled' Google, and think I broke the internet.
  • Justin
    I've had this for years! Since the XP days! They call it the revolutionary "Media Center". Old news...

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