Now Google get ready to grab for the online music readies

google-music #What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster, is it a monster?

No, The Automatic, it isn’t. It’s Google with their very own music service, as reported by TechCrunch, who quote several anonymous sources that possibly include radio DJ Janice Long, Sir Innocence Kick-Gypsy (the head of the Top 40 singles chart,) Kid Creole, assorted past and present Coconuts and the ghost of Freddie Mercury.

Google are said to be in the advanced stages of securing content from major labels for their musical offering, although TechCrunch are still unsure as to whether it will be a download or streaming-based service. Or maybe both. Or maybe neither. Maybe it’ll incorporate a ‘third way’ where Google pump random tunes into your head against your will as you try to sleep. Can’t see how that would be a hit to be honest.

The online giants launched a music service in China last year which allowed users to search for and download music for free. Somewhat shittily, their new music service will not operate on those terms.

Anyone else want to get into streaming music? Burger King? Halfords? Oxfam? Microsoft?


  • music l.
    well, I'm all for more competition, hopefully it will drive prices down to a level where people won't mind paying rather than getting their music from "unofficial sources"arrrrr. Didn't Coca Cola used to have a music download site?
  • Tom P.
    "Anyone else want to get into streaming music? Burger King? Halfords? Oxfam? Microsoft?" .......BitterWallet? Have you mentioned the Zillion's of £££'s to be made out of this venture to Paul Nikkel?
  • Giki
    ''Or maybe both. Or maybe neither'' Pardon?
  • Junkyard
    @ Giki - I think they're saying it might be both, or it might be neither.
  • Shadow
    good. dont like apple so remove them off the top and i will be happy :)
  • MBeeching
    £2.99 for a FLAC/Lossless album and you've got yourself a customer Google. Either that or preview albums that self destruct after a couple of listens. If i'm going to buy an album I need to know it's going to get more than a couple of plays.
  • Brian
    I love Gooogle & everything they do.
  • Steven F.
    Good. Google again ready to dominate in one new area. It will be nice to see a fight between google and apple. Both of them will have a fight to go at top.
  • Junkyard
    I'm with you there MBeeching. I might even pay up to a fiver for a full album in FLAC format. I'm sure as hell not paying anything for music in lesser quality than the original CD, and neither am I paying full CD price for digital files.

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