Now Asda get into the dating game

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Do you head down to your local supermarket to stock up on beans, corned beef and tins of condensed milk, or do you really go down there looking for LUURVE? Huh? Be honest. What – it’s the former? Oh, right.

Someone had better tell the boffins at Asda then, because they’re labouring under the impression that their stores are hot beds of prospective romance. Further more, they’ve gone a step further and have launched a new DATING WEBSITE.

Yes, it’s February and all of the Valentine’s Day PR bullshit is in full swing. Apparently, some research by Asda has showed that 71% of men and 64% of women claim to look for love in the aisles before anywhere else. Us, we’re normally looking for Barry Norman’s pickled onions but there you go.

Asda boast that: “Supermarkets have always been a great way for single people to meet. So it makes sense that if you’re now shopping online for your groceries, why not find love online too?” Because, you know, no one has ever thought of starting a dating website before have they? And being on a website is different to being inside a supermarket. Still, great job.

In what sounds like the most off-hand, couldn’t-give-a-rusty-fuck piece of PR flim flam ever, a spokesman said: “Maybe we’ll see an in-store marriage.” Wow - ya reckon??

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