Not even gentlemen relish this X-rated advertising

Sweet muscular Jesus. Seriously, what was going through the brains of both the creative who animated this web banner, and the marketing exec at the deodorant company that signed it off? By the way, that's actually meant to be an armpit. Christ almighty:



  • goon
    in porn terms it looks like some woman is going to creampie that guy what kind of tool let that ad out and didn't once think 'hmmm thats looks a bit like a ..........'
  • tits
    i feel sick. my eyes have been violated.
  • numberwang
    that is rank
  • numberwang
    @ tits so has his armpit LOL
  • paws17
    Could someone explain to me why "Jesus" and "Christ Almighty" are being called in to validate your horror at this advert, please? Some of us out here are much more offended by your unthinking use of these names than this unsavoury advert. Just in case anyone does care about these sort of sensitivities, one simple rule of thumb to apply before creating this sort of offence is: "Would I be bold enough to use the name of Muslim deities or prophets in the same context, or not?" If not, then please don't defame the name of Christ either, thanks.
  • reel
    Why when I post up a hotdeal featuring a photo of a women in a bikini it gets taken down, but you are allowed to post topics and pictures about anal excrement?.....
  • Slinky
    Muhammad Almighty, what were they thinking?
  • Chris
    @ paws17 Sweet merciful Allah, Buddha and by the many arms of Vishnu, that advert looks awful. Get over it. Yes I would dare, just to make you happy.
  • Chris
    Furthermore, he's described as "Sweet" and "muscular". Very flattering terms actually, I would love to be referred to in that way. And at the end of the open paragraph, the Lord is being praised and also questioned, as to what the Dickens is being portrayed here?! You can turn anything on its head if you want to.
  • AGP
    @ reel I was thinking it looks more like a long, winding penis than excrement.
  • Scott
    Always wondered what Steve Brookstein (X-Factor winner) was up to!
  • reel
    @ AGP Could be.. either way I want my photo of breasts back up! :)
  • The B.
    Good Lord, that looks like Satans monstrous cock impaling Jesus' eyesocket (see I've offended Satanists too). Fucking godbothering twat.
  • Craig
    @paws17 What if people find your post offensive? Aetheists might take offence to the fact that you are trying to stop people defaming the name of someone who they beleive doesn't exsist? Get a life, stop trying to push your religious mumbo jumbo onto people. Anyways can't keep ranting on here, I'm off to a Scientology convention, ciao.
  • Craig
    And just to really annoy the God botherers: Cliff Richard is an arse
  • Jugsy
    Actually; Cliff takes it up the arse. FACT. *maybe
  • dados
    Uncannily like an Animie porno on a free porno site
  • maxtweenie
    LOL @ Reel and AGP. I thought it was a minge doing an impression of Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist'
  • Obi-Wan
    don't dis the force either... looks to me to be some kind of felching - sorry BW, just lowered the tone further.
  • Steve
    I'm Armish and I'm offended by this website; and Sony .
  • Tickled
    I am calling a fatwa slinky and chris, prepare to be suicid bombed, PS can you stand together please as suicide bombers are harder to come by than the Sun newspaper would have you beleive. Allah kick your ass into next week :P
  • Tickled
    haha 'suicid' - woops
  • Chris
    They can bring it on ^_^ I think BW should (To prevent further upsetting the overly religious types) open posts in future with "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS" instead of being witty and entertaining. They're bound to offend less and be more mature that way... right? Oh, and it's wear sandals and grow your hair long week - BW, I want pics!
  • Once B.
    [...] We’d go as far to say it’s the most exceptional banner ad we’ve seen. Except for maybe this one, but that was exceptional for an entirely different reason. Click on the image to go through to the [...]
  • Jack
    @Paws17 OMFG for Christs get the fcuk over it.......Baby Jesus
  • Jack
    oooops *for Christs sake. Oh my god, I can't believe I got that wrong

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