Norwich score own goal in PR match with web-surfing kid

They might be a bit of a soft touch on the football pitch following a 6-1 battering by Manchester City, but Norwich City Football Club have shown just what they’re made of when it comes to acting the tough guy against a 17-year-old fan who is armed with some computer smarts.

That fan is IT student Chris Brown and officials of the ‘Canaries’ set the local constabulary on him when he leaked pictures of the team’s new strip that he’d found hidden away on their website, a whole twelve hours before the kit was due to be launched to the public.

At no time was the site hacked by Chris – he merely found a section of the site that was being worked on ahead of the launch and posted the strip pictures elsewhere, leading to a visit from the rozzers. Chris said: “I'm sorry for any offence I might have caused to the club, but I would never do anything malicious or spiteful because I do have an interest and love the football club.”

His mum, Trish Brown, said: “I feel Norwich could have handled it better. I feel they could have spoken to Chris and myself... and just discussed why he'd done it, asked him a few more questions, before involving the police.”

Rather than finding someone who can work the club’s website properly, stone-faced NCFC chief executive David McNally said: “We are the guardians of the football club whilst we're here and so we will protect our property. And our property in the digital age involves our intellectual property, so we won't allow anybody to come in and take it from us.” Big time.

Norfolk Police said in a statement: "We can confirm we are making inquiries into a reported electronic security breach. A 17-year-old boy is assisting us with our inquiries."

We’re not going to show you the new kit, in case we upset the club, so here’s Justin Fashanu’s classic goal for them from 1980 instead.


  • Phil
    "Rather than finding someone who can work the club’s website properly" - Best comment on Bitterwallet to this date. Find someone who knows how to run a second private webserver if you want to keep this sort of change private and then copy it to the main site when you want it public - its not hard and its not clever either and any one with an experience making a website should have know this. David McNally is an idiot.
  • Alexis
    So Norwich FC do the equivalent of posting a big photo of their new strip, but stick in on the wall on the back of club shop near the bins prior to moving it to the front. Poor old Chris Brown wanders past, notices it and takes a photo himself to show his mates. Morons.
  • Milky
    I guess the inept plebian of an IT department for Norwich football club hides his porn in te laundry basket his mum inevitably empties for him. "don't come in, i'm naked" *cough" class security, stupid stupid canaries! NB supporters, your credit card details are entirely safe with us.
  • MikeBeaver
    Well, being a fan of Ipswich, I am happy as Larry to find out, once again, that Norwich are shit!!!!
  • The B.
    Sorry, I'm straight, I lost interest after the word football.
  • The B.
    Sorry, I’m straight, I lost interest after the word Norwich.
  • Breadman
    Except, MikeBeaver, when it comes to not being in the Championship, eh?
  • Rob
    Ipswich have generally been better than Norwich to be fair to mike.
  • Boris
    Rob, in what sense?
  • Boris
    And who is this upstart pretending to be 'Boris' in the previous post? Poor show you bounder! I, for it is me, am as interested in kickball as I am in ordinary shaped pies. I am having a week off while I get my chemical ballance back in line but even unhinged I would not post such a piss-poor comment. There wasn't even a typing error for fucks sake! Rapiers at dawn on the south lawn if you have the foxes-knackers for it.
  • Alan P.
    I can’t read and I can’t write But that don’t really matter ‘Cos I come down from Norwich City And I can drive a tractor
  • shoplifter
    AHAH! David McNally!
  • Oliverreed
    How do you spot a virgin in Norwich? They can run faster than their dad.
  • Paul M.
    It's not that fat cunt Gary Copper again is it?

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