Nokia recall faulty chargers

9 November 2009

Nokia. Their tagline is 'connecting people', right? Well, it seems that they're connecting people directly to the mains leaving them looking like they've been smoking comedy exploding cigars.


See, Nokia are recalling 14 million phone chargers because they might cause electric shocks.

The problem was, that the charger's covers were prone to coming loose and exposing the internal components.

This isn't the first time they've had to do this. Some years ago, they did a mass recall for the same reason and the woman who spoke to me about it was the most joyless harridan I've had the pleasure to ever talk to. She didn't even see the funny side of my charger blowing up whilst I was on the phone to her.

Anyway, the models in question are the catchily named AC-3E, AC-3U and AC-4U.

Apparently, no-one has been injured yet. The charger will be replaced free of charge. If the thought of sorting it all out feels with dread, then you can check if your charger is faulty on the firm's website. Or maybe stick a fork in the mains when you plug it in. It's entirely up to you. You'll probably die if you're going for the latter, so remember, leave a note to a loved one.

Click here to to see Nokia's charger exchange program.

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  • GerraJob
    But clearly, if the cover comes off and exposes the innards, you flick the switch, remove the charger and throw it away. Surely nobody is stupid enough to touch the exposed wiring? Surely?
  • Jonsend
    They very well may, and don't call me Shirley.
  • Bill B.
    And none of those charger models are UK 3-pin ones. That's some nice detective work there, Lou.
  • virgil
    Good post!Thanks for the good reading!

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