Nokia shares drop 14% following scary profit warning

12 April 2012

Bitterwallet - Nokia 2630Nokia have been getting their asses handed to them in a tall hat for some time now. Basically, since everyone decided that they wanted a smartphone, the Finnish company have been losing ground.

Nokia has predicted a €126m first half loss, blaming software problems and the strong competition from smartphoneland. And shares have plummeted by 14% this week as a result. This will be the sixth quarter in a row in which Nokia have lost money.

This hasn't been helped by the slow sales of Nokia's Lumia smartphones, which in fairness to everyone who didn't buy one, weren't very good and pricier than your average smartphone. It feels strange to see a company so willfully out of touch with the market, considering just how hugely dominant they once were.

That said, if you needed to break an intruder's skull, you'd want the Nokia 3310 in your corner, rather than a wimpish smartphone.

However, everyone wants a phone that isn't what Nokia are currently offering and this profit warning comes on the back of the company admitting that their latest Lumia handset has a software bug which means it drops data connections to the AT&T network, which it just happens to be exclusively sold on. Nokia are offering a $100 credit to anyone who has bought one of the phones, which is all well and good, but it isn't exactly going to stop people from switching from iPhones and Android phones, is it?


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  • Fantastic F.
    Noika are dicks. They had the best mobile platform and burned it for fucking Windows. Twats.
  • Sicknote
    Face it, Nokia were a bunch of lazy fuckers for so many years serving up the same old crap to customers and generally not giving two shits. Then you get companies like HTC, Samsung and of course let's not forget Apple and all of sudden Nokia appear to get the dinosaurs on the block. And, like the dinosaurs coming to an end so must Nokia.
  • The B.
    I have to say, Symbian was a piece of shit, it stagnated for 10 years, was in no way innovative for that period and generally deserved to be buried. Saying that I've got a mate who worked for them as a dev (smart bloke, phd) and he spent the last 5 years prior to be being made redundant waiting to be made redundant because the management buried their heads in the sand and ignored what was going on around them.
  • Wonkey H.
    @Fantastic Mr Fox Up for a bumming ?
  • Phil76
    What's this shit about the 3310? The 3210 was the serious robust one, they made the 3310 with crappy plastic changable covers that seemed designed to snap.
  • Phil76
    Oh, and ever since Nokia chummied up with MS they deserved everything that's gone wrong.
  • Bazinga
    Should have gone with Android.
  • Bazinga
    3210 had changeable covers too. 5110 could poke people in the eye with the antenna, and the cover only changed at the front - that'd be my choice.
  • Mary H.
    Nokia fill the gap left by the smartphones, I only buy the cheapest phones as I don't want all the shite, I haven't been swept up by all the hype and nescessity to maitain constant contact with 500 people I don't know or care what they had for fucking breakfast! I struggle to find anything that doesn't look like it's a chewy dog phone! That's where Nokia comes in.
  • Zleet
    Nokia are still around!?!

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