Nokia features dedicated WhatsApp button

whatsapp Texts that cost you money are officially becoming a thing of the past as Nokia have released a mobile phone with a dedicated, physical WhatsApp button. It looks like WhatsApp is the next huge thing in the mobile world and Google are still sniffing around it wanting to buy it.

The Nokia Asha 210 will be targeted at emerging markets and it will be sold for a paltry £47. Of course, for that price, you'd assume it won't have a touchscreen or anything fancy.

There's no word about the money changing hands between Nokia and WhatsApp, but it looks like cross-platform integration is going to be a big thing, especially as Facebook roll out their dedicated phones. There's a lot of competition however.

"WhatsApp is doing quite well in emerging markets, but you have local players who are outstripping it simply because they are more culturally specific and can therefore outshine the US firm," said Neha Dharia, an analyst at Ovum.

"The most prominent example is in China with WeChat. But the emerging markets still offer huge potential for all the social messaging apps to grow because the amount of mobile internet available is still lower than in mature markets."


  • jim
    so what does it do then?
  • Lewis
    Not strictly true, the button has different functions depending on where in the world you are UK and Europe will get a dedicated Facebook button not Whatsapp

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