Nokia Comes With Music doesn't anymore

17 January 2011

nokia-comes-with-musicRemember Nokia Comes With Music? No? Not surprising really because here in the UK, it didn't really take off. That was largely down to the fact that, despite being billed as a rival to iTunes rival, it was a clunky, DRM-laced portal.

If you do remember it, and in fact, are a happy little customer, then here's the news - you won't be using it for much longer. Nokia are driving nails into the coffin of the free music download service for mobile phones, Ovi Music Unlimited, in the UK and 26 other countries.

Nokia is apparently looking at alternatives, adding that the move does not affect its Ovi Music Store, which is a separate service that allows Nokia customers to buy DRM-free music online.

"We are currently working with our partners to deliver new, innovative music services as part of the Ovi experience during 2011," said a spokesman for Nokia. "As we focus on delivering these ... we plan to cease producing Ovi Music Unlimited-edition devices at the end of the year."

Hard cheese if you have amassed loads of tunes via the service. Looks like you'll either have to buy them all again from a DRM free store or, y'know, go about getting those tunes back via free-but-ethically dodgy filesharing sites. If you're going for the latter, you can hardly be blamed really as this supposed solution to piracy has gone and failed, massively.

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  • Confused
    You eejits. The music isn't expiring. You just can't get new stuff, but that's only stopping when your subscription does. And its DRM'd so you can't share it. Not good, but not as bad as you make out.

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