"Nobody can be told what Google Wave is. You have to see it for yourself."

Google Wave, eh? What the christing hell is it all about? We've had it explained to us twice and our brains still mist up. If you're not one of the 100,000 fortunate souls to be playing with this new toy before anyone else, there are videos beginning to surface to tell you what you're missing.

As far as we can tell, if email is a coffee peculator then Google Wave is a Goblin Teasmaid with the power of precognition. We're still not sure with you, to be honest.



  • Hummy
    That's pretty sweet, anyone have a Google Wave invite?
  • Lumoruk
    I get it watching the second video. Pretty sweet. But only geeks will use it.
  • Aidan
    Would love an invite!!!!!!!!!
  • I p.
    I wanna slap that gormless looking twat on the left.
  • In f.
    Steph looks like Liza Tarbuck. Damn..... I'd tap that.
  • Michelle
    looks overly complicated
  • lizard
    So basically it's just MSN?
  • smashed
    What is the point of obtaining an invite if none of your friends will have Wave? Are you just going to Wave to yourself :S
  • The B.
    Lizard has a point, it's basically a hosted cached IM solution? Looks like a cached chatroom? Didn't Lotus Notes do this 10 years ago?
  • Going w.
    Ewww, this looks horrible. So, Google are saying that, if you're finding emails too difficult to understand, this is the (more complicated) simpler option for you? Where they then look after (i.e. own) your whole conversation for you? Wasn't having access to all your searches/gmails/photos of your neighbourhood enough for them? Plus, with the whole 'playback the wave as it was created' thang, what if someone (say, 'person a') had typed 'You're not inviting Dave are you? That guy's a d*ck', shortly before someone invites that exact Dave. 'Person a' then edits their comment to alter or remove that but the wave has recorded this insult already for Dave to find out when he checks the wave to see what's been happenning and how it's evolved? Niiice...Should make that bbq really fun. I think the reason email's stayed pretty static for 40 years (assuming that figures correct, too lazy to check...using google), with only the odd addition here and there is because, in general, it works. If something as basic as following an email is too difficult then maybe you should step away from the computer. If people find driving a car difficult, they don't make the highway code simpler do they? Hopefully this is the point where Google disappear up their own @rse, people point and laugh and they go away and die in a corner somewhere, rather than the point where people just say "Aren't Google great!?" and hand eveything they own over to them. Oh, and that guy's voice is just awful. And if She's going to the bbq Right, I'm just going to sit and wait for the Google vans to come and 'help' me relocate to the opt-out village.
  • Mel
    The language thing looks quite handy good, but maybe we should all just stop being lazy and learn some damn French.
  • Mel
    Handy good. Maybe just good.
  • davoix
    Actually, I think this would work great in my company, and maybe with my friends too as long as we could get the security aspects sorted out, it's more the wave protocol than actaul software. Could have many people/companies designing allsorts of gadgets and robots to it to make it very useful.
  • Mark
    @ Going to go live in the woods Email on a one to one basis works. Email involving lost of disparate parties doesn't - for lots of reasons I'm not going to spell out to you. Google Wave (or something like it) is the future of personal and business communications.
  • Name (.
    @ Mark Emailing involving lots of disparate parties works fine, PROVIDING you have a brain and are capable of (and willing to) read. I've dealt with plenty of emails (business and personal) going to and from several people and have never thought "My, this is horribly over-complicated, I wish someone could come along and host my discussions for me" If this is the future of business communications, then I hope to never do business with you as either whatever you do is a complete mess because you're incapable of handling it, or it's so nightmarishly complex no-one in their right mind would want to deal with it. And the future of personal communications? I don't think so somehow. Isn't it about time we had another dotcom crash? Could do with whittling down some of this useless crap again. Think it would take quite a big crash to knock out someone the size of Google but it's happened to big companies before, so fingers crossed...

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