No underage workers at Samsung, which will annoy Apple

10 August 2012

Bitterwallet - SamsungWith Apple and Samsung currently locked in a battle of Who Can Piss The Highest, they'll both be looking at each other for flaws to leap on.

So Apple, who have previous when it comes to having suppliers with underage workers and people committing suicide all the time, will no doubt have been thrilled that Samsung were being investigated for the very same thing.

However, sadly for Apple, authorities in China have found no underage workers at a Samsung Electronics manufacturing supplier. Samsung are either nicer people or better at hiding illegal workers, obviously.

The Huizhou Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (catchy name) said that authorities investigated Samsung supplier HEG Electronics after hearing reports of underage workers, earning $1 an hour and working 11 hours a day, six days a week.

Local authorities found no such violations and Apple will no doubt be fuming.


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  • Kevin
    As with Apple it's not them it's the companies they buy products/services from. And suicide rates are lower than anywhere else in the country. Probably lower than many businesses here as well. Good though isn't it. Now if only Samsung sold something I actually wanted!
  • Sicknote
    No under age workers - why not. We built this great nation on the backs of under age workers and child pit workers. If I had my way all the thick kids would be down the mines, building IPADS or flipping burgers at McCraps

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