No sex please, we're gamers: We Dare pulled from UK

10 March 2011

So sexually backward are us Brits, that we need computer games and American sexperts to appear on our televisions to tell us what to do with our genitals. Basically, they have other uses than simply staring at them and feeling shamed.

One virtual sex aid is the computer game, We Dare. Basically, it's a game to play with others and hopefully, you'll have a nice orgy at the close of it. Or you would if it hadn't been pulled from being distributed from the UK.

As you can see from the commercial below, the vaguely suggestive trailer features lesbian kisses, lap-dancing and a bit of spanking. Exactly the sort of thing you'd see in a myriad of pop videos.

Announcing the decision via an official statement, We Dare developer Ubisoft revealed the game was pulled “following public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare.”

So if you were looking forward to getting drunk with a bunch of friends and hoping that a computer game might be able to turn your drab life into a Caligula style writhing sex party, tough cheese. You're just going to have to try and fashion an orgy the old fashioned way by getting people drunk and then being too shy to say anything to anyone.

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  • Martin
    I'd imagine they wanted an 18 rating to make it seem more exciting. Giving it a 12 rating means it won't appeal to adults, or probably anyone over 12.
  • akiss
    looks crap
  • kfcws
    And this is why people have hacked Wii's Advert is far better than the game
  • bob
    Ubisoft - shrugs off consumers who complain on their forums, write physical letters of complain, DDOS their servers, boycott their games and generally inform the rest of the world their games are a load of pap and have draconian and stupid DRM on their games, yet runs away and cowards in a corner when one of the most renown sleaze and scum tabloid news paper takes a small swipe at them... what? TBH i say the rating was right if it had no sexual content or references in it (which it doesnt look like it does) and also more fool the inbred parent who leaves this in their wii with children about, perhaps they shouldn't have had the offending problem child(ren) to start, they clearly should have thought about birthcontrol.
  • LanceVance
    Now to get the Kelly Brooke "Floppy Juggs" game off xbox live!! Please come and save us Titchmarsh-
  • Zleet
    Wasn't the 12+ just what the content has been rated as being suitable for (so no titties) and not really who it was aimed at? I really don't like the idea of shitty tabloid papers written by people who haven't seen a computer game since Pong having a say in what games are released. They still seem to think all computer games are just played by eight year olds and end up saying crap like this.
  • Netizen
    Hey, it's the first game since GTA4 where someone really could get bummed in the gob. Hard.
  • Captain C.
    12 rating?? That is far too old!! In today's modern society, with the government teaching Gay and Lesbian Maths at Primary school level it should be no more than a PG. A few weeks ago I had a 7 y/o girl tell me her mother was a lesbian, and a 10 y/o boy tell me one of his friends was a bum bandit!!!!

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